My In Lite 10.

Here it goes folks…

MY in LITE 10

  1. Why is the fall of anything so intriguing? i mean we all appreciate a good come up story, but theres nothing like hearing about someone falling (i.e. Chris Brown)
  2. Sour Gummy Worms = My personal brain food.
  3. If i had to drink one drink for the rest of my life it would be lemonade.
  4. I’m hungry right now.
  5. Outkast…in my top 5 best rap groups. I STAY in Stankonia.
  6. The winter is boo love season.
  7. Tattoos are permanent…getting your boo-love-season boo tatted on you is NOT the move.
  8. If raps are making it rain, then do strippers/video girls just do rain dances?
  9. One day (30 years or so) will they play Lil Wayne on the oldies but goodies station?
  10. Smile at someone and they will smile at someone else until everyone else is smiling.

About Nia Keturah

wife of art, lover of music, and daughter of God.
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