I choose you!!!

so at the top of this month i was faced with a dilemma ….a few months back i was excited to hear that the nike foamposite 1 was coming out in a sexy “dirty copper” colorway…i was attracted to the shoe at first sight..me being a sneakerhead of course ima cop em.  so at that time the official date wasn’t public. so after the space jams came out(which i copped also) i found out that the shoe would be releasing on Febuary 13th …yeah a day before valentines day…yikes!!!… at 1st i was like “i’d love to make a gorgeous young lady feel special but i know some shoes i want probably are gonna come out” (as i stated in a tweet) and look at what happened haaa…now its time for me to choose..hands down i choose the sneakers …sorry ladies..hey how bout we can go to mcdonalds (me with the foams on of course) feel free to get whatever you want ….on the dollar menu of course!!! 🙂

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2 Responses to I choose you!!!

  1. niaketurah says:

    You are a fool but i love you!

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