Hello All, Hows it going? I’m great, thanks for asking. The name is Takira Renika (yess…real ghetto I know, blame my parents). I attend the illustrious Howard University. “Ain’t nothin like a Howard Girl” 🙂 Betta Believe It. I’m here to share with you my insight on life, music, art and fashion. Everybody tells me I’m hilarious but I don’t know..I guess thats me. I’m known to be mean, but I just speak my mind and they say the truth hurts. I’m currently SINGLE and ready to fucking MINGLE! Boys just do too much these days for me to save one of them. They just anything forreal. Thinking they can have you, your friend and your room mate at the same time. They got me fucked up! So I don’t save em, I tell them what they wanna hear, spit some flavor in their ear and use what I got to get what I want. I ain’t no captain save a hoe round here but “fuck i look like turnin down some head, i mean thats kinda like a bird turnin down some bread..” ha ha. I’m a freshmen in college, i’m not really looking for love or to settle down anytime soon. Everybody who knows me can say that they love me and if they don’t, I bet they smile in my face every day pretending that they do. I’m not the type of person to typically care about someones feelings, but I make exceptions for some things. Hmm…I know im forgetting a lot of the things that I wanted to say. That happens too often, I think its all that tree i’m smokin. :/ Lets just say, I love to live the ” High Life” lls but anyways… I hope you all enjoy my little segment of the blog. Im out

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put a little thrill in your life 🙂

and if you have some single friends tell them to hit me up, times is hard out here i tell ya smh help a sista get her bait up!

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One Response to TEE-AYE-KAY-EYE-ARE-AYE.

  1. niaketurah says:

    Coolest person I know. (period no blood)

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