Man UGGs? #thataintcute

Man, I dont even know where to begin on this subject. Being a true UGG fan I know that UGGs started off as male shoes. I remember in seventh grade this boy Oren had a pair of UGGs, the first pair I had ever seen. It didn’t look right to me then and it still doesn’t look right to me now 6 years later! Boys at Howard are starting to submit to this manUGG trend. All I can say is UGH!!! Like really, do I wanna be booluvin wit some boy with UGGs on… I can’t really take them seriously. Imagine some boy tryin be are gangsta and he got a pair of UGGs on … come on son that shit aint gonna work. SMH at the thought. Imagine ya dealer sellin you some weed with UGGs on :/ I can’t fuck wit it. I wanna see my man in some Jordans, Nikes.. just anything but UGGs! Then its not even like the boys at Howard wear their UGGs with like sweat pants or something, they be havin on some skinny ass jeans (tighter than mine) with the jeans tucked into the boots. Thats a big ass NO NO.

Dear Next Boyfriend,

Please don’t wear man UGGs #thataintcute

Love Takira


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2 Responses to Man UGGs? #thataintcute

  1. Lexi says:

    epic FAIL

  2. Gold Adam says:

    I really don’t believe it. I pray Wayne is not injured for the cup!

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