Claim the Night

Oh shittttake…it’s storytime

Once a upon a time in this fantasy land called the AUC there was this group of seven little girls who liked having a good time and making sure everyone around them did as well. So they decided to come together, join forces, and spread their goodness throughout Atlanta when the stars were shinning. Taking the first letter of each of their names, Jasmine, Alexis, Tiana (Tink), Ashley, Sue, Amber, and Le’naya formed….



It started off as just a little group having fun, but they got followers…people who would go to parties just because they said it was the move. Their goodness is gaining shine day by day in the AUC, being their friend and an official affiliate of JATASAL (as well as them being in the goodness gang) I had to show them love on this. JATASAL got their first official flyer appearance (no promo group just 7 girls) and will be hosting parties all throughout this semester. My girls are the official club kids of the AUC(google club kids if you ain’t gettin the reference/significance), getting paid to just show up and bless the dance floor with their presence. I remember going to my first party in the ATL with them and now they’re claiming these ATL nights as their own. Good look girls.

Getting paid/love for having fun. Proud of yall

Fan my girls HERE

Step into the Light.

About Nia Keturah

wife of art, lover of music, and daughter of God.
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  1. TinkBugatti says:

    OK OK Ok i like this…

  2. TinkBugatti says:

    I like this ALOT!!

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