Goodness Gang

You have to have those people who keep you going in life. Those friends that film your smiles and give the audio to your laugh. They’re like the directors of your personal good life video (btw i’m sad Kanye ain’t make no appearance at Grammys).

I have this invaluable group of people i go to when i need to be creative and get some ideas and dreams off my chest . These people are forever inspiring me and ensuring i live this thing call the good life, so i call them the goodness gang. This is just a quick shout to them. Squad up!

The Goodness Gang:

Malcolm, Roomies, Takira, Ryan, John, Taylor, Farah, Kyla, Rachyl, Kayla, Teri, Eboni, Liz, J.A.T.A.S.A.L., Jordan, Mike Clark,Frank&Raysean&Elijah&The White Smoke Hall Gentlemen, Colin, Tre and all those who encourage the goodness

The goodness gang uplifts and puts on for each other…Today Colin took some sick pictures of Tre in DeLaLuz’s Haiti tshirt.

And we had this brief conversation about how he wants to publish these pictures he’s been taken (every day and every night) in a photography book called 30 D’s/30 N’s…but how right now the funds just aren’t there. Well those of the light, support my dude and let him make his dream. Press the Donate to History button to become a patron of history (because thats exactly what this dudder is making)

Step into the Light.


About Nia Keturah

wife of art, lover of music, and daughter of God.
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5 Responses to Goodness Gang

  1. Jasmine Nu Splemanite Brent says:

    awwww J.A.T.A.S.A.L. got a shout out!!!! yay!!
    I am sooo honored to be a part of the GOODNESS GANG!! I love you sooo much and I admire your drive, ambition, talent, and warm spirit. You are forever inspiring me as well, and don’t ever think that you don’t!!! I love you soooo much roomie and I can’t wait to see the plans that God has laid off for you to come to life!!!!! mwwwaaahhh!!! 315!!!!

  2. Lexi says:

    i freakin love u Nia MuthaF*ckin Calhoun!!! I will forever support u in ur current and future endeavorss!!

  3. RyanLindsayy says:

  4. Kyla says:

    I’m pretty sure I tell you this on a weekly basis but you truly inspire me and I should probably tell you that more but you really do. You have such a creative mind, spirit, and soul I know you will do great things. I truly believe in your ‘those delaluz’ vision and I will do anything I can do help you in your future career goals with your fabulous new company. I am always here to talk, to laugh, to cry with etc. you get the picture but I am. Getting to know you through hall council this year, as well as building a friendship with you has been great.I truly believe there is no mistaking God’s Geometry I believe we we met each other for a reason and whatever that reason is I am truly thankful. I love you girl!!!

    P.S. Sorry about mushy gushyness of the post lol

  5. PoppyD & Little Johnny! says:

    I’m very proud and that’s the way you make me feel! P.R.O.U.D.

    Check this out:

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