All those girls really want is fun…

She don’t even need a job, got one anyways
She sit up at her desk on Perez All Day
Then bossip for gossip, Why be up in concrete
Then she on her facebook like when we finna party
Twitta with her home girls like what we finna do
They like we gon hit the club but can I hold on to your shoes

Ok now everythings wonderful,
Thick girls, small friend, please watch and tell me miss
3 before 12:11, 31 then go in
And they gon get a table cause they flirt with the promoter
Vodka and soda, pineapple and patrone
Now hold up be a second, and pose for the photo
Pose, click, pose, click
Now say fuck them other bitches them hoes ain’t shit

-Wale “Inhibitions (Let it Loose)”

How much of my nighttime life here in Atlanta is captured with this last verse of Wale’s Inhibitions… when i first heard it i wanted to sue him for copyright infringement on my life. Ok, so I didn’t go that hard (all love Wale babe) but I definitely was blown away about how he captured my (and my crew’s) whole attitude. And for some slight seconds I felt shallow. From the moment thursday morning begins to the very last second of sunday night, life becomes finding what we call here in the AUC “the move”. The move is the action or event that will reign supreme over all others that night, the club, the party, even the kickback that puts all others to shame. I can’t even begin to articulate how much time and effort go in to finding the right move every night. But as one without a y chromosome there’s one thing I never put in to form a move…..


Now the AUC is on that C.R.E.A.M. way of life (like every other place in the world) but in the land of the Atlanta University Center (as well as the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area) to put it simply I don’t pay for shittttttt. Excuse the harshness, but it’s to highlight how real the reality is. Flirting with promoters, looking cute in the way that my daddy probably wouldn’t approve, taking pictures like my name is Chanel Iman, and getting the substances that will drown me in forgetfulness the morning after; all for free.99. At times I’m tempted to feel bad, only tempted though. I mean I wouldn’t be a goodness gang member if i wasn’t committed to that good life, and I’m more than committed I’m monogamous, it’s my one and only. And at the end of the day you gotta do what Pharrell is saying and let it loose.

Step into the Light.


About Nia Keturah

wife of art, lover of music, and daughter of God.
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One Response to All those girls really want is fun…

  1. Jasmine Nu Spelmanite says:

    like 🙂 especially ur definition of “the move” – u put it ever so eloquently my dear lol

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