I waited in the darkness,
until my eyes were so adjusted to it that it seemed like day.
I sat quiet and still, the only thing moving was my ambition.
It was an unassuming spot…
right on there on the edge of greatness and anonymity
and if i wanted to I knew I could stay there forever.

But the light had be beckoning me for almost 19 years.
Its rays often would come looking for me, begging for me to get some shine
but i was hidden well and in the depths of the darkness, studying
studying, mediating, and praying…
its dangerous to get your shine before you’re ready for it.

But right now i can feel the light switch in me turn on.
And its time for me to go back to the glow that birthed me

so I jump down from my elevated darkness on some crouching tiger hidden dragon shit
knocking my way into the limelight that always belonged to me.
elegantly excusing myself,
as i show all these motherfuckers what it really means to shine.

-Nia Keturah, owner&creative director of Those DelaLuz

Step into the Light.


About Nia Keturah

wife of art, lover of music, and daughter of God.
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One Response to Shinnin’

  1. ColinGTaylor says:

    i love this! it means alot to me, cuz i feel it so hard.

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