Boxing Kitten

So It’s 4:17 am and I just came across the most amazing thing that I’ve seen in a long time. Boxing Kitten by Maya A. Lakes. This collection is beyond words. Its like urbanized kente cloth. It’s creator gained inspiration from Josephine Baker , W.E.B Dubois and her mother. She is definitely added to my list of inspirations.

“The vintage inspiration behind Boxing Kitten celebrates the spirit and lives of women who have come before, and the playfulness and vibrancy of each piece captures the women of today and the future. Each garment is carefully produced in bold and fearless print combinations, and then fused with charmingly flawless and demure patterns.” – Boxing Kittens

Beyonce and Alicia Keys were recently spotted wearing Boxing Kitten during the video shoot for “Put It In A Love Song“.  Here are a few photos:

Click Here For the “Boxing Kitten” Online Store and to View More Of the Collection

This shit is just dope. Go cop like ….NOW.

Boxing Kitten Fall 2009 Collection

Step into the Light


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