Goodbye Alex

Designer Lee “Alexander McQueen” was found dead at his home this morning. I have to pause from all these collections being released to recognize this man. My first fashion post on this blog was about his new fall/winter collection….this man was an inspiration. He always did what he felt and spoke his mind, even when the couture houses would turn their noses, he was true to his self.

BBC reports:

Alexander McQueen is one of the most talked about, controversial and inspiring fashion designers of his generation. Born into a working class East End family, McQueen left school at sixteen with one O-Level. His rapid rise through the fashion industry has seen him open boutiques around the world, man the helm of a Parisian Couture house, and be awarded the British Designer of the Year award four times, alongside a CBE. Known for his strong opinions, a series of clashes with the fashion establishment has earned him the label “the hooligan of English fashion”. He now shows his clothing in Paris.

The OG of fashion.

Walk into the Light Lee.


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