Quite a Quiet Climb

My friends are forever focused. As soon as I get out of my last wednesday class I get a text from Malcolm, ” SCiFLi Photoshoot in an hour, come fresh.” 1 hour later, 15 individuals assembled and we were documenting the freshness. At one point I had to look around and go damn…freshmen ain’t suppose to make these kinda moves. But then I laughed and realized I only hang around freshmen who are making movements. My partner Rachyl says we’re visionaries…we see the light because we are the light  and mirrors are all around. True.

This one is by far my favorite Christopher Keys shot (there were 2 other photographers on deck). This day had to be the coldest I ever experienced in Atlanta by far. I felt far from cute with the wind blowing relentlessly, but alas freshness was captured. Custom SCiFLi “ode to Chanel pin” and a “black heart for Haiti”. Dope.

Order your custom pin at scifliworld@gmail.com. Atlanta wants to keep the hearts on lock (they’re buying them up like crazy) but I know my DeLaLuzers will unleash the love to the whole world. Do that now…or shake your head later.

Step into the Light.


About Nia Keturah

wife of art, lover of music, and daughter of God.
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