Valentine’s Day vs. Singles Awareness Day

Love it or hate it? Valentine’s Day isn’t for everybody yet Singles Awareness Day isn’t for the bitter—at least not all of the time. I remember back in the days of elementary and middle school when my mom would take me to the grocery store to get those trademark boxes of Valentine’s cards—the ones you would fold in half and then seal with the sticker—yeahh, you know what I’m talkin’ about. And then, for an added touch, you’d tape on a piece of candy. Haha, it was crucial if the box had like 20 or 25 cards in it ‘cuz some of the time that’d determine if you’d have enough for everyone in the class—or if some unlucky 3rd grader you weren’t too fond of didn’t get a Valentine. Oh boy. Those were the days. Now, as a freshman in college I really don’t know what to make of Valentine’s Day. Yes, I am secretly hoping some boy will surprise me with some candy, roses—something, but if my secret wish doesn’t come true I won’t be brokenhearted. What is love anyway?

The peeps over at Daily Candy posed the question, “How do you really feel about Valentine’s Day?”. Check out the video here (they keep their content locked up…or maybe I’m just technically challenged.)


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