Tales: Back to Basics

Once upon a time there were two light bright lovelies who lived in the DMV. One resided in Annapolis, with roots in Baltimore and DC, and the other hailed from the mighty District but lived in Silver Spring. One fateful summer, the magical forces of MLW crossed the two girls’ paths, bringing them together.

Little did they know that after that summer, they’d rarely be apart. A slew of sleepovers, text messages, emails, poems, phonecalls, and all-out missions became the foundation of their friendship plus their deeply rooted faith in Jesus.  Their bond became so strong that it bent curfews and even almost stopped times. Sometimes, they’d kick it so hard that their mothers would wonder if they’d over return home to their respective houses.

One day, Strife struck like lightning from a nasty thunderstorm-confounding their ability to see eye to eye at times. The schism was deep but through time, patience, and understanding it was conquered. Strife’s homie Silence tagged teamed however, invading their constant stream of communication until their was little left…it nearly finished them!

BUT then, Those De La Luz came riding in on it’s gleaming horse and saved the duo from frienship peril, reviving their bond and thus, all is well in the world of Miss Lindsay & Keturah.

On one of their many missions....

The Dawn of a New Friendship

Nia Keturah, Creator & Creative Director of TDLL & Ryan Lindsay, Branding Director of TDLL

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