I cried in 3rd grade after the optometrist told me I’d have to get glasses. But since then, I’ve embraced them, using them as another means of personal expression and accessorization (yeahh, I made that word up). For me, it’s been less about the brand name and more about the look. I hated when EVERYBODY and their mother copped black plastic glasses with rectangular frames and had the nerve to call them “personality glasses.” The black Miu-Miu’s I had were the same style so it almost seemed as if I was posing but best believe I had that prescription! But I digress. If you’re looking for some slick specs with a distinct feel, Warby Parker and Fabulous Fannys are where it’s at.

Warby Parker

1960's Challenger-Fabulous Fanny's

1960's Vanity King-Fabulous Fanny's

Stay illuminated.

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