Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday …

Sunday I found out some tragic news. While sitting on twitter counting down the minutes until my birthday, I learned that my dear friend Davon Green-Franklin had drowned in Cancun, Mexico while trying to enjoy his spring break. At first it didn’t really hit me because it seems so unreal. I has just talked to him last week, how could he have died. But, to my surprise and disbelief, the news was true. Everyday I cry and wonder how god chooses when its time for someone to be with him. Davon was one of the first people I met at Howard. He took me under his wing and always was there for me when I need a laugh, courage and even a helping hand. He was sort of like my rock. He possessed so much wisdom and so much intelligence, I kinda looked up to him and envied him at times. Now that he’s gone I find myself feeling bad all the time because there are so many words left unsaid. I miss him so much its ridiculous. Although I know he’s in a better place, the selfish part of me wants him to come back and enjoy the rest of his life. I still feel like this is all still a bad dream that I have yet to wake up from. At this point I’m just not ready to say goodbye to yesterday.

Davon Be My Light.
Keep Me Illuminated.

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