“It be like that sometimes”

Rae says it like no other. It does be like that sometimes…I’ve been gone for a while folks. Mi mal. But alas, how glorious the return shall be….

I kissed White Chocolate (my macbook baby) goodbye for a few weeks and got reacquainted with life as a “normal” kid. It was weird  to not worry about my readers for a while….sorry babies I had a quick love affair with selfishness. I had Several weeks without hustling, haha just kidding. Just been keeping my move a bit more secretive. I did however spend these weeks rapped up with the stylish beautiful things I call friends. Ry even shooted down from the Chi to say hi.

Walked out on Morehouse’s Campus and asked Colin to let me hold that camera-thingy (let me capture something beautiful).

But at the end…the camera belongs on Colin’s eye

At the end of the day i had to come back to blogging. Me and my girls have some jewelry dreams we will soon share with your necks and fingers…hehehe(Nia laugh). Plus being normal was overrated, and my friends are too star like for me to know what that feels like.

Step into the Light.


About Nia Keturah

wife of art, lover of music, and daughter of God.
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2 Responses to “It be like that sometimes”

  1. rachylelisa says:

    Oh how I love you. True it do be like that sometimes, but that’s just…how it be. haha! its late. just had to shoot a comment baby love

  2. PoppyD & Little Johnny! says:

    what’s up. glad you’re having a good time and being inexorable. Luv ya!!!

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