SCi FLi Life

Hmm consider this a continuation of the last post…i need a break from thinking about  TDL so i focused a bit on my brothers over there at SCiFLi. People have told me (and my girlies) that we are in possession of the coolest SCiFLi heart pins….hmm well what can I say we fell in love Malcolm and Taylor at first sight so in return they gave us their hearts.

I like to show them off…When Fli Guys love you its hard not to uplift your heart.

TDLxSCiFLi exclusive dark heart

I hate designers....Chanel Heart Pin

My lovelys told me they’ve grown tired of giving their hearts away, it made me quite sad. If you want one you better email them quick,, Mal and Tay are going to be breaking their heart hustle soon.

Straight from the first released batch (ever)....Black Heart for Haiti Pin

Step into the Light


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wife of art, lover of music, and daughter of God.
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