Original State of Mind

5 months  ago I was sitting in Jordan Jackson’s dorm room just chatting about life and art.

I knew when I met him we were lowkey related, anyone I can talk about MC’ing and Miles Davis (in the same conversation) with has to be family. He had a gumpy cut that rivaled Play’s and was wearing something that the fresh prince would of don’d in 1991, I was looking more like Hilary Banks but thats beside the point. He told me in depth that night his plans for his company Original State of Mind…OSM

In time pass his brand has become a staple in our collegiate homeland of the AUC. I literally can’t go a day without seeing some Morehouse, Spelman, or Clark Atlanta student sporting a OSM piece. A great feeling to see my brother get love.

Goodness Gang don’t die, we multiply. Heres some pictures that our go-to guy (what up Colin!) took the other day for OSM.

Peep the rest of the shoot HERE.

Goodness Gang ALL day, forever.

About Nia Keturah

wife of art, lover of music, and daughter of God.
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