Epicness Profiled: Takira Renika

As of late I’ve been getting a lot of love/support for the ramblings I’ve been putting together about the beautiful things I call friends. Made me think about just how interesting my wolfpack (i.e. hangover) is…I hang out with a Motley Crue of humans. So every once in a while I’ll drop a few lines and debut a friend of mine to yall, call it an EP: Epicness Profile.

Allow me to introduce

Tarika Renika

You can say her name is ghetto, but already she knows that. She’ll tell you to go talk to her parents about it. Takira is a Howard student, she’s all about that D.C. sass. Takira is that girl who makes you cool by association. Fakes try to hang around her hoping that some her chilly will rub off, but she preserves her cool.

I met her sitting in a 90% white classroom at a 65% black school. It was a “wtf?” moment. I wanted to say something to the effect of “damn, how do I go to a black school and have classes with all white people?”, but before I could even think it this girl blurted it out. Thats how she is, censorship isn’t in her vocabulary. All the things you think, she says without thinking. And you love her for it. Back in day people would use her myspace ramblings as their quotes of the day, keep a notepad to write down where they could purchase her outfits, and approach her on some celebrity status shit.

Never naive to it, it was her native environment. People looking and staring at her is what she’s used to, it would only make sense that her blog be named,


Warning: LO is not for the modest of heart. Locals Only is real. No censorship, no remorse. Whatever she’s thinking that day will make the blog, come to her wrong the world wide web will know. Let’s use her ex  Tre as an example. Takira and I were watching raindrops in D.C. when Tre started to text her….

Blasted. Anyone can have a tumblr, but only Takira’s can be as raw as this.

Really don’t need to talk about it anymore. L.O. talks for itself. Read my bestie’s blog if you’re local to her environment. It maybe to much for a foreigner to handle.

Step into the Light…Nia.


About Nia Keturah

wife of art, lover of music, and daughter of God.
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