When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

Remember those Dave Chappelle skits, When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong? Dang, you’re missing out on classics. Well watch….

Now that you’re familiarized yourself, I want you to think about Charles Hamilton. Yes, Charles Hamilton. Prime example of when keeping it real goes wrong (wkirgw). Mr. Hamilton thought he “made” it when he started to get a whole lot of attention following his  appearance on the 2009 XXL Freshman Cover

I mean in all fairness he had a right to be excited. Look at his classmates, they’ve all moved forward to have notable successes.Moving out of their respective underground scenes to make a name for themselves in the mainstream….all of course except for Charles. Charles could of been successful, had all the makings of it. Sonic/Rihanna Obsessions as gimmicks, interesting look, fresh delivery, talent. But Charles kept it too real, would say exactly what he felt all the time, about everything. Bad move Charles.

  1. Mr. Hamilton believed in free music…Charles’ debut album ended up being scheduled to be released as free online EP…that never was released
  2. After bringing up an ex’s abortion during a freestyle battle (with her) he was slapped (by her) and the video was blasted on the internet
  3. A series of rappers called out Charles (Wale, Rhymefest, etc.)
  4. A year later and people are still asking “Who is Charles Hamilton?”
  5. When prompted to make radio hits, Charles says “F*ck the radio!”
  6. Charles is dropped from Interscope

Talk about hard times. Heres an interview of Charles trying to get back to pre-fudup fame. The reintroduction of Charles Hamilton (?) Hmmm I don’t know how much thats really going to work out Charles….

Part I

Part II

So much for no radio hits. Keep ya head up Charles. This has been another episode of When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong.

Step into the Light….Nia


About Nia Keturah

wife of art, lover of music, and daughter of God.
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