Sorry Bron Bron

Ok so truth. I’ve never been a fan of Lebron. The other day when the Cavs took the L, I laughed…hard. Then I preceeded to text my favorite Ohioans (Rae&Ky) to gloat. Sorry Bron…not everybody can be a Kobe.

You can say he didn’t have enough support blah blah blah….9 turnovers.

Step into the Light…Nia


About Nia Keturah

wife of art, lover of music, and daughter of God.
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One Response to Sorry Bron Bron

  1. Kyla says:

    You def. are going hard for my man Lebron. yes Cleveland is a little upset at him it the moment but we shall prevail. Just never knew Ms. Nia Keturah went so hard for sports but I love you boo!! Def. liked the new side of u lols

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