All Natural

To go or not to Go.
My bestie/partna’ Rachyl called me today a bit frantic. The reason?
The Natural Dilemma.
Not knowing how to feel about it i gave her a verbal shrug. My hair is transitioning right now…

by popular demand...another natural pic of me

and shit is rough.
But…i digg it. I don’t hate perms…I just want my hair to have optionsss. Thinking about doing the big chop. Not caring though…not on some India Arie i’m not my hair. My hair is me, right now it’s just being a little care-free.
Step into the Light

About Nia Keturah

wife of art, lover of music, and daughter of God.
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3 Responses to All Natural

  1. Christen Turner says:

    From someone who is currently natural, just take your time with the decision. Even though getting to that point is quite rough, once you get there 100%, it’s a beautiful healthy hair life style that you’ll never want to give up. If you need help, my big sister is the QUEEN of knowing what to do with natural hair, how to manage it, etc. Just go to youtube and her name is SheaCocoaLuv. Her videos are amazing and they help so much.

    Much Love,
    Christen T.

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