How To

I keep getting asked so here it is

the steps to getting your own TDL customized piece.


Hit us up and tell us you want one at

in the email let us know: your name, what you want (ring or chain), and whether or not you want to meet up for a personal consultation:

you can either schedule a personal consulation (a one or one meeting with Moi ((Nia Keturah)) where I sit and design the piece with you no extra charge)


we can work out with you through emails exactly what you want

You’ll get a reply within 24 hours.


After we get the piece worked out to your specifications we’ll bill you through PayPal (no need to have a paypal account to pay) rings start off at $10 and chains start at $15, prices only increase when you want to be fancy (#drake)


Once we receive your payment your piece will be completed within a week, AUC residents can arrange for a meet up to pick it up or for all our non-ATLiens we’ll ship it to you.

and that’s all folks. easy as 1 2 3…literally.

Step into the Light.

About Nia Keturah

wife of art, lover of music, and daughter of God.
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