Chauffeur : The Limo Ride

lite shed: Rich Hil


His voice is addictive. He’s strumming your pain with his fingers, killing me softly moment.

Forgive me, I forgot to introduce (to all of those in the dark):

Rich Hil.

He has a famous daddy, but you can google that…I want to talk about him. He’s worked with some stars, but that google comment works again, and you already know those names…you need to know his

Rich Hil.

He transcends categories, but because genres seem to make things more easy let say he’s:

Blue-eye’d Soul- Hip Hop/ Rap fusion

Rich Hil’s confessional singer/songwriter style paints winding, hallucinatory, stream of conscious narratives over trippy, electrified beats.

As you try to figure out what the fudge stick that is let’s take a Limo Ride

His first big mixtape release at the end of 2009 was Don Cannon assisted Limos were cool in the 90’s.

Twisted ft. Junior Reid

Gettin in Them Thang ft Phlo

Leaning on my Reup

Until We Bleed

Download it HERE

Not really wholesome, but the best things aren’t. Slightly drug induced, but some of the best things are.

His second biggie (and latest mixtape) eases us into sobriety, how calm the descent is…

Download it HERE

Can’t Stay Away

Happens Like That ft. Carter

I’m Coming Down ft. Boo Bonic

Haze Pack

Angel ft. Smoke DZA

And there he was this young boy….

*No groupie.

Step into the Light

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wife of art, lover of music, and daughter of God.
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