Nostalgia: Girlfriends

One of the Best! shows ever.


Created by Mara Brock Ali

Yea I do think that it’s demeaned with that artificial laughter, but that’s a term paper about updated minstrel shows. . .not a blog post

Girlfriends, often called the black Sex in the City, was a chance to see real black women or the television every week. Not superstars: a down to earth working mother, a bougee  real estate agent, a freeloading professional student, and a manic lawyer.

These women were people who I knew personally and they relieved me from the sassy token black woman archetype that the rest of American Television gave me on the daily.

Rarely is black female camaraderie pictured in its true and earnest form, I think Girlfriend is as close as we’ve gotten, television wise.

Nowadays we have wives (former, seperated, baby mommas, and past girlfriends) of NBA basketball players. . .not exactly the average woman.

As everyone tweets about The Game every week I’ll just chill and watch Girlfriend reruns.

Step into the Light


About Nia Keturah

wife of art, lover of music, and daughter of God.
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