The First Darling

DelaLuz is network of so many Darling ladies one time for my sisters @TakiraDeLaLuz @theycallmeconti @ladulcevidaa @JadedlovesHome @NinaSerfina @808sandCupcakes @DameMasMoo

The first darling does not have a twitter, she deleted her account in order to emphasize the importance of intimidate human contact. . .

She is that dope.

Rachyl E. Wright was the first to join with me in this band of free spirits. Rachyl is one of those persons you see and want to befriend before you even have rationale as to why. So I did (always befriend people like that).

Righting the world’s wrongs with her friendly spirit on the daily. Power.

Devoted writer, ostrich dancer, loud laugher, wannabe Texan-Ohioan dweller, shaker heights representer, best friend.

I think I’ll hug someone and call someone else instead of tweeting them today, with Rachyl like power.

Step into the Light.


About Nia Keturah

wife of art, lover of music, and daughter of God.
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