Q R Codes

I know. . .I know, I’m on some hipster hype, hmmm:

Hipster Hype

Yea that sounds kinda tight, we can rock with that.

A new series profiling the current hype of this hipster subset.

Sooo unless you’ve been living under a rock

You’ve seen these black and white pixeled images on a lot lately. Lupe used one on his new album cover:

and Mr.Takashi used one for a Louis Vuitton design:

So you may be one of those quiet hipsters still wondering,

wtf?! are these things???

Have no fear, DeLa hipster hype is here.

These are called Q R codes and essentially they are digitalized images that can take mobile devices to different websites.

How to:

1.You have to use a camera phone with a Q R reader app, I downloaded the wonderfully free q r reader app on my iPhone and it works wonderfully. And if you happen to own a droid the google google app (comes on most droids) works for this as well.

(Pause as you all go download or discover qr reader apps)

2. Now you just have to find a q r code, for practice let’s use the DeLaLuz code

Just use your handy dandy app (shoutout to steve) and the app will scan the code.

3. After the code has been scanned you will be taken to the magnificent Those DeLaLuz site.

4. Peruse the cool.




And that’s the jist of it folks. You can now use sites like:


to create your own q r codes! have fun kids and thanks for tuning into this edition of Hipster Hype!

Step into the Light



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