Beg to Differ

                      Nia K C presents:

I am not from the same city as the men posted above.

They are Native New Yorkers and I am from the DMV. Well, I am from Annapolis, MD. . .

Brands that claim NYC; countless. Brands that claim the DMV; Durkl, Shooters(?), Sobiato(?) Can we claim BBC&Play Cloths, Judges? Judges say no. Brands that claim Annapolis: Well, Durkl did an Annapolis Jacket, Judges? Judges say no. In that case shoutout to Banco Pop.

Back to my original point. . .we are not from the same city.

We just happen to educate ourselves within the same academic center, the illustrious Atlanta University Center Consortium. Home of Morehouse College, Spelman College, and Clark Atlanta University.

So I would be off to claim B. Write and Dez as my hometown heroes. Seeing that our hometowns are different. However, in the AUC everybody is kin. The Atlanta University Center it’s like a weird little city of it’s own. Therefore Brian and Desmond are my Morehouse Brothers and  my Collegetown Heroes.

If you faithful readers could just indulge me for a few moments, I’d like to talk to you about the work of my tribe:


What is Kreemo?

According to their trilly designed website, , Kreemo is a lifestyle brand “intended for those who stand out in society” or beg to differ. They’re also a company that offers lifestyle branding services. Meaning you could wear it or hire them, either way they’re spreading their lifestyle.

And oh what a lifestyle it is. . .

I like to think if the Native Tongues were cool with Junior Mafia, in the age of Odd Future and went to college down south; like something out of a Spike Lee Joint. . .

you’d get Kreemo.

Pause, imagine how awesome that is.

The dope part about Kreemo, if what I’ve been conveying hasn’t been dope, is their extension. From the music of their artist, Papa Jae and two9 affiliates (two9: Curtis  Williams, Retro Sushi, Fat Kid’s Brotha etc) to their clothes, to their videossss. You can understand their whole movement. While we’re talking about videos we have to discuss their subset:

Kreemo Tele

The brainchild of Tim and Nana, Kreemo Tele represents a few gentlemen committed to make videos, well. And that they do. . .thus everyone with a computer can view the Kreemo lifestyle.

Check their vimeo channel and realize they’ve been places that we would all like to see.

I don’t know how this Spike Lee Joint is going to end, but hopefully it’s with them ascending to highest heights. Until that time it’s fun just watching them be fly. It’s important to note that all these visuals are from their F/W 2011 Lookbook and you can cop it all at

step into the Light.


About Nia Keturah

wife of art, lover of music, and daughter of God.
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