At this point, I love it, maybe borderline obsessed with it. Isn’t everyone?

Instagram is a free photo sharing application available on the apple market. Users are able to snap pictures apply a filter, a tilt shift, and share them via all our favorites social networks.

According to Wikipedia. . .

and all of it’s dependency, with barely a year under Instagram’s belt it always has

over 100 million photos being uploaded a month


10 million+ users registered

Meaning that every hipster with an iPhone is snapping away daily. That’s not a shot. . .I’m one of the faithful. See below:

Capturing everything from my late-night plantain, to my homecoming henna, to my walk to class.

So what is it about this app? There all other photo sharing apps and most social network apps have the option to upload photos straight way. Why middle man it up with Insta? Honestly? It’s art appreciation for the masses. Anyone with the right apple product can download and try their hand at it. No Canon’s, Sony’s, or any other DSLRs to separate the pro from the run of the mill joe; all are welcomed. BUT the really pulling point are the filters from Rise to Nashville in 1977 users are able to transform their pictures. Its not a new concept, but Insta (inspired by polaroids) does make the process incredibly quick. And dare I say it artistic? My true photographers friends swear by it as much as my homies who have barely picked up a point-n-shoot. That’s what you call mass appeal.

My obsession? I think it comes from being able to beautifully share my visual life. We all think we lead beautiful lives. At the very least, we want other people to believe we do. Instagram turns people into believers, quite easily. In a world full of doubt, it’s no wonder people (like me) are becoming addicted to easy belief. Whatever the cause may be I just hope the appeal of Instagram last as long as swag has in hip hop lexicon.

step into the Light.


About Nia Keturah

wife of art, lover of music, and daughter of God.
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2 Responses to Insta.Addict.

  1. Chloe says:

    i’m addicted to instagram 🙂
    whats your username?
    mine’s: chlo3z

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