Village Sounds

You have to be careful when you’re declaring a forward motion(progression) as a movement.

Especially with music, everybody and their second cousin is starting “a movement”. I call what I experienced this past Sunday night a movement, because the people there never did. Those responsible for a movement never have to call it such, you will just know.

And I just knew.

Let me start the story from the beginning, how I became familiar with this village nestled on the west side of Atlanta. My homie, the talented Mr.Greene asked me to accompany him to a listening party for a guy named Najee, but you should just call him

Naj Murph

I had met Naj, before…a cool individual.  Actually we had a computer science course together, he’s a schooled individual. I had heard a bit of his music and was interested in what he had in the makings. I knew I needed to make the move to the listening party. Thus on a cool Sunday evening I drove my 95 Accura up to a pleasant house in Atlanta’s West End. As I walked into the warm spot decorated with instruments and mj vocals I was welcomed into

“The Village.”

Hearing that one of those could raise a child, I was optimistic that this could be a night of growth. To those of you blessed enough never to attend an industry event, let me tell you they are usually awkward bewildering creations. Everyone comes acting like they have the secret to what it means to be dope and they don’t want it to tell anyone. This was the opposite; nothing fake, no fronting. A circle of chairs, sutter home, dark liquor and beer. . .and an assortment of cookies. All surrounding a sound system. This was family reunion a village meeting.

The man above with the gryffindor scarf and Sam Jack hat (now that’s black magic) is Mr. Christopher A. Patterson,  you could call him the trill chief of this village. After some mingling hamming it up, he quieted down the tribe and established how the night would go forth. Five tracks, opinions mixed q&a after each one. He asked for completely honesty.

And it began. . .

There was a point when I looked at Spencer and actually hit him, I’m a passivist so that means a lot. Heir Murph (coming November 23) is a well thought out, cleverly mastered mix of hip hop bravado, introspective thinking, and AUC ratchettness. Which means it takes you on journey; starting at a comfortable spot, homely and secure. Then it takes you to some place greater, where you’re tested, and you end up at a party. . .just wanting to release and absorb life.

A big part of the journey was the production. Naj employed in house village production for the whole record. The majority being produced by his main creative partner, Nick “The Quick” Dean.  However we heard some notable tracks from Brandon Phillips-Taylor and Kass Clark. 3 very different production styles leaves Heir Murph feeling well rounded and complete.

Nick “the quick” Dean

Brandon Phillips-TaylorKass Clark

We asked to listen to more tracks after we ran the first five back. November 23 you all should be excited, a new movement is coming.

addition listening party photos available at:

The tribe of the village, call them the WATIA. At the end of the night I asked why they kept putting those w’s in the air, and what WATIA means. . .I was told;

We are. Therefore, I am.

I left and I knew I had just been introduced to a movement.

step into the Light.

*All the tracks included from this post are from “And God Created Murph”
a five track EP consisting of cuts that weren’t deemed worthy of
Heir Murph . . .if these were the unworthy tracks I think the world
should prepare itself.
“And God Created Murph” is available for download HERE

About Nia Keturah

wife of art, lover of music, and daughter of God.
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