Nia Keturah

@NiaDeLaLuz granddaughter of Cleopatra Jones and Nino Brown.  Born by a river on Dawnson’s Creek. 20 year old Spelman College student receiving the missed education of Lauryn Hill on Denise Huxtable’s campus.

Pull out your handy wikipedia devices when she’s around. She likes using references. . .many references.

A Beginners’ Guide to Nia Keturah:

Born in the rapture of ’91 to the daughter of a Sam Cooke fan.

She came out purple and gold in the year of the Bulls.

Full of mischief, even before the terrible twos, word to ’93.

Trying to be lucky enough

to catch em all

before her Jafakin father said it was bedtime

Now I’m staring at John’s Plane

in the beetle filled Strawberry Field

while listening to Frank and Martin argue to who swung better.

Nia started Those DeLaLuz in 2010 and has been on her phoenix flight ever since

. . .   i thought i told you that we don’t stop.


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